Dependent children of the investor and/or spouse – this dependent child may be from current spouse, from the previous marriage or out of wedlock. The child’s disability must be at a condition that cannot sustain her/his life alone. Best law firm in Turkey, very professional with a lot of experience.

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Criminal Law is a branch of law that regulates crimes and penalties and enables clarification of the sanctions of these crimes and penalties. I was very skeptical as my last attempt to obtain an L1A was a negative one through another lawyer. Rest assured, I can vouch for his services and will recommend him highly. During the citizenship application, the original of both the birth certificates and the marital status certificate will be taken by the Turkish authorities and will NOT be given back. Death Certificate – This document is required if the investor’s spouse has passed away. In this case, investor needs to present a death certificate of her/his spouse.


According to police sources, the two men met with Şafak Mahmutyazıcıoğlu at a restaurant he owned in the Yeşilköy neighborhood to discuss a property sale with him and one of his clients. A 42-year-old Turkish lawyer was shot to death in Istanbul by two assailants late on Jan. 26 following a fight that reportedly broke out over money. She is giving lectures on Gender turkish lawyer Equality as a visiting speaker at law faculties of reputable universities in Turkey. She is also giving a seven-week certificate program on Gender Equality and Law at Bilkent University. The average pay for a Lawyer is TRY 227,917 a year and TRY 110 an hour in Istanbul, Turkey. The average salary range for a Lawyer is between TRY 154,300 and TRY 279,426.

In the matter of immigration law, it is also referred to national law. This feature that comes with birth can change at the request of the individuals. I have been dealing with this firm for the last several years.

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Multiple citizenship is allowed in Turkey and you do not need to renounce your current Citizenship. And the clients and the targets to establish confidential and long-termed legal relations with its clients and to inform them periodically at every stage of the legal exercise for the most appropriate remedy. They are for informational purposes only, they do not constitute a legal warning or advice, and do not constitute for legal consultancy. Quotations can be made on the condition of giving an active link. As MGC Legal, we process your personal data in a proportional-limited manner with communication. When it comes to the Turkish immigration procedures, there is a lot of important documentation to prepare.

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