If you or a loved one are in need of legal representation to appeal an unfavorable decision from an immigration judge, contact a member of our team today. Successfully naturalizing in the U.S. takes a considerable amount of preparation and understanding of the process. Our Houston citizenship attorneys have helped many other clients successfully achieve their dreams of citizenship, and we are here to help you too. Becoming a citizen of the United States can be exciting but also nerve-wracking. You have to file the appropriate paperwork and pass a citizenship test before you can even be considered. A competent Philadelphia immigration lawyercan help you through the process.

Myattorneyusa.comis owned and operated by The Law Offices of Grinberg & Segal, PLLC (Grinberg & Segal). Grinberg & Segal is a NYC immigration law firm that consists of highly experienced immigration lawyers licensed to practice state law in New York and New Jersey and U.S. federal law worldwide. Grinberg & Segal’s New York-based immigration, deportation and removal lawyers represent immigrant clients in all fifty states and before U.S. Circuit Courts and all administrative appeals Before the Board of Immigration Appeals of the Executive Office for Immigration Review; Administrative Appeals Office at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as well as before Immigration Courts nationwide. Visas allow immigrants to enter the United States and stay for different periods of time.

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A U.S. citizen may acquire foreign citizenship by marriage, or, a person who is naturalized as a U.S. citizen may not lose the citizenship of his country of birth. Though the U.S. law does not mention dual nationality, it does it ask a person to choose one citizenship over another either. Also, a person who is automatically granted another citizenship does not risk losing U.S. citizenship.

That high level of expertise and care have brought us very high to preeminent ratings from clients, peers, and various legal guides. We provide a comprehensive suite of services, whether it’s for business or as an individual, HLG has the proven expertise to provide the right level of legal advice required and help meet you or your families evolving needs. The information presented at this site should not be construed to be formal legal advice nor the formation of a lawyer/client relationship. Our immigration lawyers in Chicago are ready to help you with your immigration issues. Accredited representatives who are on this list, and who have a “No” in the last column on the right, are not eligible to give you legal advice.


Daniela was so great, she was extremely dedicated, professional and most importantly, truly cared for my husband’s case. Not only did she help with the case itself but she also helped us in finding a criminal justice attorney and situating everything out with that. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with Daniela’s firm, I absolutely recommend her and assure you she will not disappoint. I would say that Daniella is an Excellent attorney that help me on a petition case, she also helped my sister with another immigration matter. She was always very attentive and responded quickly to all My questions. She’s also very professional, honest and gave me her best advise at all times, I would definitely recommend her for any immigration case you may have.

Permanent Residency often grants several rights and privileges such as social benefits, access to healthcare and so forth. Mobility beyond borders requires many processes, we have integrated ourselves into the culture and legal practices of the countries we operate in so we can facilitate cross-border business in the easiest way possible. Our expertise will guide you through all these, so your transfer will be seamless. The Electronic Filing is created in the Law Firm’s USCIS Account. Numerous Supporting Documents are scanned and uploaded into the USCIS System.

For example, a person who was born overseas and claiming U.S. citizenship through their parents could apply for a certificate of citizenship as evidence. Our firm can help you review the issues and we will work to have them resolved as soon as possible. When you work with our Plano immigration turkish Immigration Law Firm attorney, you can rest assured that all paperwork and other matters will be handled correctly. Another test that the USCIS officer may conduct is called the civics test. This test is conducted to determine your understanding of basic U.S. history and how the government functions.

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Green card holders are also known as lawful permanent residents. Brings decades of experience to the practice of U.S. immigration and citizenship law. From our offices in Chicago, Illinois, we have handled immigration cases since 1975 and pride ourselves on being leading U.S. immigration lawyers. Whether you are an individual pursuing the American dream, a family seeking to be reunited, or a business needing the services of foreign talent, we are capable of providing answers to your toughest immigration questions.

Understand what it means to be a citizen, including your responsibilities and rights. Located in Northbrook, Illinois and downtown Chicago, The Shapiro Law Group serves corporate immigration clients throughout the United States and the Midwest . If you or a loved one is curious if you qualify for a non-immigrant visa, contact a member of our team today. If you experience any difficulty in accessing this website, please contact us for assistance.

If you have a medical condition documented that impedes your ability to learn or understand, then you may be exempt from this portion of the test. Other reasons you may be exempt from this portion of the test would include if you have been living in the United States for more than 20 years or are over the age of 65 years old. The test itself covers significant dates for the U.S., how elections occur and how government officials are appointed into office, and simple questions regarding U.S. history.

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