MGC Legal provides an experienced legal team specialising in numerous legal fields and staff consultants who work with the world’s finest academics and experts from overseas. The legal services given are considered to be of the highest quality. Its goal is to provide up-to-date and reliable legal information to its clients. Its goal is to provide its clients with up-to-date and reliable legal information while protecting their best interests. This prominent legal organisation, which is also the answer to Turkey’s absence of an international law firm, continues to offer clients full legal service in international legal affairs as a business partner of Andersen Global.

Turkish citizenship by investment It is possible to become a citizen very simply and easily. Call us and we will make you a Turkish citizen with your whole family in 2 months. Turkish citizenship by investment You will be surprised to see how easy it is.

Prominent Turkish Law Firm in The Heart of Istanbul

MGC Legal Istanbul law office approaches legal matters from the viewpoint of a Turkish full-service law practice that focuses on outcomes and clients’ best interests. They have an in-depth knowledge on the regulatory issues and they provide immediate and business-oriented advice to their clients”. Now, it’s being seen as some as a saviour to help the country evade heavy financial sanctions imposed by the West.

In the summer of 2016, during my trip to Turkey, I faced a lot of immigration related questions. This urgent need in Turkey, with my previous personal and professional experiences led me to start my immigration practice. We have put together a team of experts in at all stages of the process to help us serve our clients quickly and with superior value. The first thing we Turkish Immigration Law Firm do is to register the property you have acquired under the municipality of the local government so that you can get local governmental service. Once you are done acquiring the property, we will help you manage it with our property management services. Residence permit application form which is signed by the foreign investor and/or her/his legal representative in Turkey.

Our Turkish Citizenship Application Shall Consist of All Following Matters;

We will assist incarcerated citizens and their families within the limits of our authority, in accordance with international law. We work with prison officials to ensure treatment consistent with internationally recognized standards of human rights and to ensure that Americans are afforded due process under local laws. A law firm practicing in international child abduction cases, international family law related cases such as divorce, custody, alimony, recognition and enforcement, inheritance cases. They are experienced in child abduction issues under Hague Convention; disputes arising from family law, commercial mediation and heritage law.

Immigration Law Firm Istanbul

You are welcome to speak with one of our Turkish immigration experts to learn more about acquiring a Turkish visa, residence permit or work permit. In practice, for the Joint Stock Companies, the company itself is deemed as Data Controller and is obliged to get registered at the so called (‘‘VERBIS’’) Data Controllers’ Registry Information System. We have provided legal service to one of the top medical company in China and pleased to serve them.

I ended up questioning and researching every immigration issue I faced and was convinced that it is possible to give better immigration services. MGC Legal tends to take a dynamic and innovative approach to ensure that its clients access up-to-date and accurate legal information. While in a foreign country, a U.S. citizen is subject to that country’s laws and regulations, and may not afford the protections available to the individual under U.S. law. Penalties for breaking the law can be more severe than in the United States for similar offenses. Persons violating the law, even unknowingly, may be expelled, fined, arrested, or imprisoned. Penalties for possession, use, or trafficking in illegal drugs are strict, and convicted offenders can expect jail sentences and fines.

Checking the status of the house or the property finding whether or not the property is free of charges or rented or on lease. Revising the entire process and the counteroffers if it is all necessary. Moreover, as mentioned above, and it’s worth mentioning again, we have never received any refusal since the journey’s beginning. We are never limited with our service; hence, we have taken our service to a new paradigm; we cater to the largest patroons that range from business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs from all over Turkey. Credit reports can usually be obtained through local banks, but only with the consent of the client. I additionally filed numerous petitions for a Writ of Habeas Corpus and Coram Nobis in both District Courts and Federal Courts of Appeals.

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We are specialized in criminal law, cyber law, immigration law, property law, real estate and divorce cases. Our immigration attorneys in Istanbul, Turkey, can assist individuals considering migrating to Turkey with various legal services and assistance and counsel. It is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of Turkey’s immigration laws and regulations to align with the criteria and avoid immigration denials properly. As a business partner of Andersen Global, our company, which is also the solution to the lack of an international law firm in Turkey, continues to provide our clients with an English-speaking full-service law firm in international legal matters. Our English-speaking attorney real estate lawyers will prepare your purchase and sale agreement to buy or sell an off-plan or second-hand house or apartment in Turkey. Our lawyer will advise you of any potential pitfalls, recommend specific changes that would benefit you, discuss or negotiate these concerns and changes with the other party, and accompany you to the Title Deed Office to close the transaction.

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