His primary focus is family-based immigration, citizenship, hardship waivers of inadmissibility, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals , and removal defense. Over the years, Mr. Vicario has volunteered at several Chicago nonprofit community organizations serving the immigrant community, including… Because Boundless is not a law firm, however, we can’t provide legal advice.

Our extensive experience, knowledge of U.S. immigration law, and familiarity with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services procedures have contributed to a consistent record of success. Our law offices are located in Austin, Texas, and Miami, Florida, but we serve clients nationwide. I retained legal counsel from Pozo Goldstein LLP in 2010, and the journey to obtaining my “green-card,” has been to say the least a very bumpy road that was only made better thanks to their professionalism. The entire team is very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. I can truly say that in them I found people who cared about the outcome and didn’t treat me as just another case. My initial I-130 petition was filed by Courtney Noce who showed great knowledge about the circumstances of my case.

Educators and Resource Providers

Working with an immigration attorney is important in simplifying this process for you, the client, and allowing us to take on any unique situation or problem that may arise. Our legal team will evaluate your case and offer the most appropriate advice pertaining to your needs. Our Total Law immigration lawyers not only offer a variety of services, but they will tailor these services to suit your exact needs. We work with families, businesses, asylum seekers, human trafficking victims and many other types of clients.

Dunham & Jones has simple payment plans and doesn’t require any money down, so call and talk with an Immigration Lawyer at Dunham & Jones today for FREE and find out how you can live and work legally in the United States. If you have questions regarding Legal Immigration, Dunham & Jones can assist you with Citizenship Applications, Family Petitions, Green Cards, Work Permits, Deportations and more. Call the Immigration Lawyers at Dunham & Jones for a FREE consultation. If you’ve been told no, you need to speak with the Immigration Lawyers at Dunham & Jones for a FREE consultation to find out how you can get citizenship in the United States. For a FREE consultation call and find out how you can live and work in the United States. We will review your situation and give you honest and reasonable immigration options.

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Depending on your circumstances, we can advise you on the best route for you to join your loved ones in the US. As with all immigration cases, we understand the need to move quickly. When you get in touch with us, we can provide urgent immigration support and advice. We cannot guarantee that your application will be successful, as all immigration decisions are at the discretion of the US immigration authorities. However, we can ensure that your application is accurate and has all the necessary supporting information. We can save you time and money by preparing top-class applications that meet all the requirements of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services .

The US is home to some of the world’s most renowned universities and educational institutions. If you wish to study in the US, the two main options are the F Visas or the M Visas. There are other visas that allow for international exchange or cultural development (J-1 and Q-1). You must also demonstrate that you meet all the eligibility requirements, which include continuous residency in the US for a number of years, proving that you have good character, and passing a US citizenship test. K Visas are a non-immigrant category designed for US citizens to petition for their fiancé, spouse, children, or the spouses of their children to enter the US. It is important to note that each category has numerous rules and eligibility criteria that an applicant must meet.

How can I find authorized immigration service providers online?

How to Get a Green CardGet your green card with all the essential in… But at least the lawyer might have access to inside inquiry lines, where they turkish citizenship lawyer can ask about delayed or problematic cases. Even lawyers frequently have trouble getting answers to such inquiries, but it’s often worth a try.

Even if the proceedings are over, you should ask a lawyer whether the outcome affects your current application. In fact, if you are overseas, lawyers cannot attend consular interviews with you, though they are allowed to prepare the paperwork and have follow-up communications with the consulates. For a FREE consultation call now and find out how you can live and work legally in the United States.

Green card holders are also known as lawful permanent residents. All of our immigration lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of international immigration laws, have decades of experience in the field of immigration law and are able to assist with even the most complex immigration matters. Our services range from family, work, study and tourist visa applications to citizenship, nationality and asylum issues. We also provide a range of corporate immigration services suitable for businesses looking to hire overseas workers as well as international entrepreneurs and investors.

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