The firm is available to serve the legal needs of Rogers Park, West Ridge, and greater Chicago. For immigration matters, the firm accepts clients from all states where such representation is allowed by law. Finally, it’s important to find an immigration lawyer who takes the time to treat you like an individual, not just another case. Whether you are applying for a green card or are facing deportation, you are a real person with a real immigration issue, and it’s important to find a lawyer who treats you as such. Our immigration attorneys provide representation and guidance regarding immigration issues in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Possible examples include having committed a crime, previously lied to the U.S. government, or having any financial instability that might lead to you being considered a likely public charge. If you know that any of these grounds apply to you, it makes sense to get legal help before you begin the application process. However, there are numerous situations in which you’ll need a lawyer’s help—or will save yourself a lot of time and frustration by getting it. Immigration law is notoriously, insanely complicated, and it’s run by a bureaucracy that receives less oversight and public scrutiny than you might expect. Do you want the freedom and comfort to live and work legally in the United States? He immediately went on to graduate from John Marshall Law School where he obtained his J.D..


This law applies to Cuban citizens who have been admitted or paroled into the United States after January 1, 1959, that have been in the U.S. for at least one year and are eligible to receive permanent resident status. The law allows Cubans, their spouses and their children to become permanent residents through adjustment of status. The law was enacted after Fidel Castro’s revolution when anti-communist Cubans received preferential immigration conditions because they came from a neighbor and ally of the US. It’s important to understand that the judge deciding your case will not steer you to the right answers, though the judge might ask you questions if you don’t bring a lawyer. Also, the U.S. government will be represented by its own attorney, whose main goal is likely to deport you. Only your own attorney will advise you on how best to answer questions and otherwise proceed in court.

Membership to AILA helps you achieve your professional and educational goals. Firstly, if an immigration agent or a police officer asks you something regarding your immigration status, you can inform them that you want to remain silent. Some of the questions they can ask you can include your place of birth, whether you are a permanent resident, how you entered the U.S., and whether you’re a legitimate U.S. citizen. You should ask to talk to an Austin immigration attorney before saying anything. For many, retaining the services of an immigration lawyer in Austin is the only way they will be able to enter or remain in the United States legally. The U.S. has historically been considered a haven for those seeking to improve their lives and the lives of their family.

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AILA provides a series of 12 charts comparing President Biden’s accomplishments one year after entering office with the comprehensive recommendations AILA presented to the president. If you have an immigration issue that you would like us to immigration Law firm Turkey assist you with, there are several ways for you to contact us today. Our website here at is an extensive immigration resource. For these reasons and more, many people choose to hire an attorney to help smooth the way.

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Our Immigration Lawyers will make every effort to resolve your case favorably in Immigration Court. We have filed the necessary applications to allow many of our clients to stay in the United States, as well as to receive a work permit and potentially a green card. I am a Chicago and Miami lawyer practicing family- and employment-based immigration law, and removal and deportation defense and appeals.

With more than 90 years of combined experience, our Miami Immigration Lawyers know how to get results for our clients, and we strive to provide effective legal solutions in every case we handle. Working together with your dedicated immigration lawyer, you can be guaranteed a professional, personalized service from the start of the process until the end, with a focus on helping you and your family to achieve your goals. As a busy business owner, your time is likely not well spent puzzling out the details of immigration law. Let’s say, for example, that you’re hoping to sponsor a worker for a green card, which requires completing the labor certification process. The advertisement process is complicated, as only certain types of ads are acceptable, the ads must contain specific language, and there are many time frames and deadlines involved. If you have been placed into removal proceedings or scheduled for a court hearing with an immigration judge, please reach out to an attorney as quickly as possible.

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