They got my E2 visa approved followed by my E2 visa renewal as well. ASY LEGAL is an Istanbul-based boutique law firm, offering expert legal advice and solutions to both domestic and international clients. While most law groups claim to offer similar support and availability, they fall short in comparison to the Okanlaw team. We prepare our clients with mock interviews up until their actual interviews with immigration officials.

In practice, for the Joint Stock Companies, the company itself is deemed as Data Controller and is obliged to get registered at the so called (‘‘VERBIS’’) Data Controllers’ Registry Information System. Pursuant to Article 16 of the Code No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, real persons or legal entities processing personal data shall register with the Data Controller’s Registry before processing. However, it is important to note the fact that, unlike the criminal court system, there is no legal obligation for the immigration court to provide you with counsel, even if you are indigent. With or without legal counsel, you carry the legal burden to establish that you meet the definition of a refugee and qualify for asylum. You can accomplish through submitting evidence to the court that you were subjected to past or present persecution or that you possess a “well-founded fear” of future persecution in your home country.

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“WiklundKurucuk Istanbul Business & Immigration Law Firm. WiklundKurucuk is a boutique business corporate & immigration law firm with office… More about how to obtain a visa for Turkey can be obtained from our immigration lawyer in Turkey. We can assist foreigners from a legal point of view if they want to immigrate to Turkey. During the Green Card application process, which can be lengthy, it is critical that you maintain lawful immigration status. Under certain circumstances, you can request an extension of your H-1B status in one-year increments while your Green Card application is being processed. H-1B extension processing time usually averages around 2-3 months although USCIS doesn’t offer any time guarantees.

If you encounter problems throughout the Turkish immigration procedure, you may need legal immigration counsel to resolve your problems. Nevertheless, going through the visa application process is extremely important and strongly encouraged. Once obtained, a green card gives you the legal right to reside and work in the United States. You are also eligible to apply for Mergers & Acquisitions in Turkey many government jobs with a green card and can receive a number of important health benefits, educational benefits, etc. Before jumping into the application process, it is recommended to schedule a time to speak with an experienced immigration attorney who understands and speaks the Turkish language. I am very satisfied with the services Mark Davies has provided me.


For travel to the United States on a temporary basis, including tourism, temporary employment, study and exchange. EXPANSION OF THE SMOKING PROHIBITION AND… Recently, law drafts about health protection, which include new prohibitions, have been submitted to the Parliament. Minister of Health has announced that the scope of the smoking prohibition wi.. The MGC Legal team works with people and businesses to find the most effective plan for their unique situations and requirements. Registering your property with local Municipality to pay annual Environmental and Garbage Collection Tax. Prepare residency application documents for Client, his wife and children.

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