Those who need to deal with various legal issues can rely on our lawyers in Turkey who can provides tailored services to those who need services in Istanbul. Legal personality commercial companies that established in foreign countries according to the laws of their country, can acquire unmovable and limited real rights in Turkey, in accordance with the provisions of special laws. In particular, when buying a cheap property Turkey, where is the real estate transactions made intensely, absolutely one of the best option Istanbul real estate lawyer should be with you. Our Istanbul office advise Turkish and foreign companies in industries including finance, energy, healthcare, retail, technology, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage. We also specialize in advising private equity funds on their investments in the Turkish market and use our local knowledge and experience to help clients structure their transactions to mitigate future disputes and avoid unpleasant surprises. We maintain a unsurpassed practice counseling and representing large and small companies and boards of directors regarding entity formation and corporate governance matters.

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We also provide counsel in the development of compliance programs to minimize the risk of future criminal or civil problems. Our Turkish criminal lawyers recognize the value of prevention or at least early detection of possible misconduct. Our lawyers are experienced with the importance of compliance programs Turkish Lawyer and, more importantly, in persuading prosecutors to decline indictment. Toward that end, our lawyers assist management in developing effective compliance programs, carefully tailored to the client’s industry and particular needs. The Courts of First Instance shall have jurisdiction over enforcement decisions.

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In all of those situations our attorneys’ ability to call upon the resources of the Firm’s other practice areas is of value to clients. In conjunction with our employee benefits, labor and tax attorneys, we assist clients with employment agreements, stock option, retirement and other employee benefit plans. Citizenship and immigration law is a legal system that regulates issues related to citizenship of individuals. Turkish citizenship by investment It is possible to become a citizen very simply and easily. Call us and we will make you a Turkish citizen with your whole family in 2 months.

We appreciate his guidance to us in complying fully with Spanish law on relevant matters.” “I am very satisfied with her support. She was really helpful. She spoke good English and helped me in the correct way.” She did things like getting our Nif, bank account was started by Her. She was encouraging when I was down when getting my application for visa completed. We will definitely want more of her services when we move to beautiful Portugal. “Needed help with a legal question about my business and Inma was just what I needed. Trustworthy, informed and keen to help.”

July 15 landmark for Turkish democracy, history: Erdoğan

“My lawyer was excellent and helped me with an issue involving the local authorities. He is very helpful, professional and fully explained everything.” “I cannot recommend too highly Jose A. Sempere Gelardo. He is the ultimate professional on every level. An excellent communicator. A lovely approachable gentleman who is extremely knowledgeable about law.” “Cansu was very professional. She was very responsive and advised us on all the matters we discussed, providing solutions based on her experience and knowledge which we found very helpful. Selim Law Firm is a Turkish law firm in Istanbul that serves global and local clients. Knowing the tax legislation before coming to a country is imperative, which is why if you plan on relocating to Istanbul or you want to set up a company here, you can find out everything there is to know about taxation here from our Turkish law firm.

New sectors in the city, such as finance, tourism, service, banking as well as head offices have been substituted for industry in recent years. On the other hand, despite the situation in industry, the heart beat of money markets continues to grow in Istanbul. Due to its geographical location, the first four hours of the business day overlap with Asian countries and the other four hours with European countries. Because of its unique location, Istanbul has become a natural financial center for the entire region. Dentons is a global legal practice providing client services worldwide through its member firms and affiliates.

When the spouses want to end the marriage union due to various circumstances and reasons, they can request divorce by filing a lawsuit against the other party. Extremely knowledgable, available, and reliable Mark was a god-send when dealing with USCIS. He is very experienced so he knows the ins and outs of the process, can predict response times and is very available to answer questions in a timely and friendly manner.

Our lawyers in Istanbul can also assist companies undergoing mergers and acquisitions which fall under specific laws in Turkey. We can help with the preparation of all documents which need to be presented with the authorities in such procedures. In such a busy real estate market, it is very important to make real estate preferences right. Aside from the procedures of purchasing the property, whether the relevant property is eligible for purchase in terms of legal terms is one of the primary issues.

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