Together we are agents of change making a difference for people. If you face federal criminal charges, or even if you are the subject of a federal investigation, it is imperative to enlist the assistance of an experienced federal criminal defense lawyers. Federal agencies such as the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration , Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives , and Immigration and Customs Enforcement have extensive resources and are notoriously aggressive in pursuing and prosecuting individuals. White & Case lawyers are recognized for their legal innovation and outstanding service to clients worldwide. Shawn Collins is a very talented lawyer, as are all the attorneys on his team.

Schedule a consultation today, and put our experience to work for you. Environmental Cancer / Toxic TortEvery year scientists learn more and more about the dangers that toxic chemicals pose to our health. For example, we now know that many of these chemicals are carcinogenic to humans. That is why it is essential that you contact the experienced toxic tort lawyers at The Collins Law Firm if you believe you may have been made ill by exposure to toxins–whether in the air you breathe or the water you drink. Chemicals like TCE, PCE, benzene, toluene, ethylene oxide, PCB, vinyl chloride, xylene, PFOA/PFOS and MTBE can all cause serious illness, and even cancer. If you are sick, we can help you find out if toxic pollution in your community is the reason.

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As a people-driven law firm, we’ll always support you and prioritize your well-being. Our attorneys provide clients with extensive knowledge and experience in each specialized area of practice we offer. The television series Better Call Saul features several fictional law firms.

As a business with a global presence, it is important that we have the very best legal representation. Rob and the team have guided us through litigation battles, negotiating and drafting our important business contracts, and advising us in our business strategies. Chris Dolan and firm attorneys serve on the boards of directors of local, state, and national professional associations that promote access to justice and safeguard the rights of the injured and employees. We know that working with a personal injury lawyer can be critical to recovering deserved damages in car accidents. The Lanier Law Firm is home to outstanding attorneys with decades of trial experience including substantial verdicts in cases involving asbestos exposure, business fraud, serious personal injuries, product liability, pharmaceutical litigation, and more. If you are looking to find a family or divorce lawyer, all we ask is that you take the first step and contact us for a consultation.

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In contrast, most corporate executives are at much higher risk of being fired, even when the underlying cause is not directly their fault, such as a drop in the company’s stock price. Worldwide, partner retirement ages can be difficult to estimate and often vary widely, particularly because in many countries it is illegal to mandate a retirement age. Taft has been named one of the 2021 Best Mergers & Acquisitions in Turkeys for Women by Seramount . The list recognizes law firms that utilize best practices in recruiting, retaining, promoting, and developing women lawyers.

We help these families fight the landfill and recover compensation for any damage they might have suffered because of the landfill’s negligence. Nursing Home Abuse and NeglectMany families have to rely on a nursing home to care for aging parents, and they agonize over choosing the right facility for their loved one. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse and neglect is on the rise, and some facilities in Illinois fail to provide safe, adequate care for their residents.

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