One of the questions that many people ask in this department is whether or not we need a lawyer for every job. And if you have any problems with the employer, you can solve these problems with the help of an experienced lawyer. On the other hand, since you are a foreigner in Turkey, you sometimes need to do more administrative operations than other Turkish people. This time I like to write over a subject of a different nature related to real estate in Turkey. Bedrettin Gürcan from Gurcan İstanbul Office will mention buying property in Turkey, step by step with all legal process.

Lawyer Turkey

From setting up a business and finding a property to advising on tax, we stay by your side long after your visas has been issued. Our Turkish partners are specialized in matters related to residencies, citizenship, setting up businesses, property investment and asset management. Our US-based team is drawn from the very top law schools and accountancy firms and they are able to help navigated the complex world of setting up a business and paying US taxes. Our team is spread across the world, we speak your language and we deliver a local service to our clients wherever they live.

Tax advice

We kindly invite those who want to buy real estate in Turkey to get in touch with our local lawyers if they are interested in real estate due diligence. We can ensure that the property they choose is free of any encumbrances and debts. Our experienced lawyers in Turkey offer legal services for investors interested in doing business in this country.

And these, undoubtedly, know good lawyers who were able to help them solve the problem. If you can find the lawyer you want in this way, then we suggest that you search the Internet and read people’s opinions about that lawyer carefully. Another way to help you find a good lawyer in Turkey in various fields is to check the list of online lawyers in Turkey. This method will help you quickly find good lawyers in your area. In general, each lawyer specializes in a specific field, and in different situations you need help from different lawyers.

Confidential & Experienced Tax Lawyers

“Excellent service, very reasonable, fluent English and totally professional. I would not hesitate to recommend this highly skilled team.” “I have been really happy with the service I have received from Miguel. His advice on tax issues and completion of my tax demands has been excellent. He often goes the extra mile to provide assistance and has helped me to navigate the complicated Portuguese tax system, which has been extremely helpful.” She did things like getting our Nif, bank account was started by Her.

If medical malpractice is suspected, the best way to protect a patient’s rights is to contact a qualified attorney. Expert witnesses play a unique role in medical malpractice lawsuits. Many of the issues debated in these cases, such as whether a surgery was performed correctly, are too complex for judges and juries to understand on their own. This means other doctors must be called upon to study the case, render an opinion, and explain their findings. For the injured patient, the expense of hiring an expert significantly increases the cost of bringing the claim.

Lawyers Function of Defensing before Administrative Organizations

Our team has extensive experience in EU trade matters, long-lasting relationships with key EU decision-makers and excellent insight into the workings of the EU institutions and the political drivers of EU policy-making. Several team members of our Trade group have held senior positions in national administration, the European Parliament and/or the European Commission. Our team of English-speaking lawyers and Legal Professionals will help you solve any legal doubt.

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They asked about phone conversations she had with relatives of clients and other lawyers, which the police had tapped. Given its position as a major international transport hub at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, it comes as little surprise that Turkey’s citizenship by investment program is fast becoming one of the most popular Turkish Citizenship Law Firm in the world. Turkey’s cost-effective program offers fast processing times and access to a strong passport and diverse economy. In addition, Turkish passport holders are eligible for the United States E-2 Visa, which allows a person to relocate to the United States for the purpose of owning and operating a business.

“Álvaro was incredible to work with. His responsiveness was lightening fast, and he was extremely competent and helpful. Alvaro was also friendly, patient and explained things very thoroughly, so I understood what was happening throughout the process. I look forward catching up one day for a coffee – something I have never imagined doing with any other lawyer I have hired.” Rosa was very professional, she responded to any concerns I had rapidly, all times of the day. “Rosa has been absolutely great. I’ve never had such good service. Rosa understood my needs, my situation and my concerns and clearly guided me through the whole process of punching a home abroad. “I was very happy to use the services of Teresa as I wanted someone I could communicate with in English, as I don’t speak Portuguese. Teresa’s English was perfect. Couldn’t of asked for any better service than what we were provided with.

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