For travel to the United States on a temporary basis, including tourism, temporary employment, study and exchange. They are for informational purposes only, they do not constitute a legal warning or advice, and do not constitute for legal consultancy. The MGC Legal team works with people and businesses to find the most effective plan for their unique situations and requirements. Registering your property with local Municipality to pay annual Environmental and Garbage Collection Tax. The Refugee Act established two primary paths for securing refugee status – affirmative asylum and defensive asylum.

Checking the status of the house or the property finding whether or not the property is free of charges or rented or on lease. We will try to keep our client on the priority list to get noticed. Moreover, as mentioned above, and it’s worth mentioning again, we have never received any refusal since the journey’s beginning. We are never limited with our service; Maritime Lawyers in Turkey hence, we have taken our service to a new paradigm; we cater to the largest patroons that range from business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs from all over Turkey. The shop with rental earnings is advantageously located on a busy primary highway in Konyaalti, Hurma. We provide properties in good condition and largely favor to publish new constructions.

Immigration Cases

Our Turkish immigration attorneys are ready to apply citizenship with property purchase. Our immigration lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey can provide a wide range of legal services, plus support to foreigners interested in relocating to this country. Having a clear picture of the rules and regulations of immigration in Turkey is essential because one can properly align with the requirements and skip any possible visa rejections. You are invited to talk to our specialists and find out more about how to obtain a Turkish visa or a work permit. Our Turkey immigration lawyers perform legal services for making an investment and getting a conformity certificate for the investment to apply for Turkish citizenship. Our Turkey Immigration Lawyers provide services for; buying, leasing, and selling residential and commercial properties to both domestic and foreign customers in Turkey.

A law firm practicing in international child abduction cases, international family law related cases such as divorce, custody, alimony, recognition and enforcement, inheritance cases. There are good reasons, though, to hire a Turkish immigration lawyer to handle your case. If you run into difficulties through the process, you might need legal immigration assistance to work through the issue. If your immigration situation is complicated in Turkey, or if you simply don’t have the time or confidence to prepare the immigration forms yourself, you might benefit from the help of an YT Law Office immigration Attorneys. Fortunately, these suspensions were subsequently lifted and the United States began accepting and processing visa applications from Turkish citizens in January 2019. However, it is important to note that the processing of visa applications has not been an exemplar of efficiency.

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Ekiz Law is a young and boutique law firm based in Istanbul, Turkey. We provide legal consultancy to our local and foreigner clients on trade,… In order to cater to those foreign individuals and companies holding business in Turkey need guidance a consolation before every step they take. Hence, we provide legal advice to our clients from all across the world.

Once obtained, a green card gives you the legal right to reside and work in the United States. You are also eligible to apply for many government jobs with a green card and can receive a number of important health benefits, educational benefits, etc. Before jumping into the application process, it is recommended to schedule a time to speak with an experienced immigration attorney who understands and speaks the Turkish language.

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As a companion in your immigration journey to turkey immigration lawyer, we’ll provide our expertise, experience and steerage to you in your case immediately, with worth. He worked in one of the most prestigious law firms in Kusadasi until 2015 after which he established his own firm. We consistently apply international standards of transparency and due diligence to our clients’ affairs.

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Fragomen can also consult on citizenship matters and, as permitted within the confines of local law, may be able to offer citizenship assistance. One can also apply for a residence permit, at the same time with the work visa. He has a very extensive knowledge in immigration laws and has a thorough approach to any case.” Richard Herman is a nationally recognized immigration lawyer and immigration activist.

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