Excluded from this “Citizenship lite” is the right to vote. Applicant must deposit at least USD 500,000 or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish lira in banks operating in Turkey with the condition not to withdraw the same for at least three years. Actually, Turkish passport ranked 53rd in the worldwide Henley & Partners Passport Index and ranked 39th in the Visa Travel Index. This rank means also if you have a Turkish Passport, you can enter nearly 100 countries in the world without getting a visa.

Turkish citizenship by investment

In fact, the Turkish government have no restrictions on the number of citizenships held by an applicant. Your family members, spouse, parents, and children up to the age of 18 years old can be qualified dependents for the residency card. Applicants who have invested in Turkey and obtained their citizenship are exempt from mandatory military service. This also includes your dependents who have applied alongside you. Those who apply for citizenship and obtain it, are then free to work in Turkey without the need of a work permit.

The military activity comes at a time of political stalemate in Lebanon. There has been conflict between Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati and President Michel Aoun over mutual accusations of hindering the formation of a new government. Algerians typically travel to Tunisia for tourism, visiting the popular seaside resorts of Annaba and Constantine, to visit family or to undertake medical treatment. Nearly 3 million Algerians traveled to Tunisia in 2019, equating to one third of foreign visitors in a year, signaling a recovery in Tunisia’s tourism sector after it was hit by a string of terror attacks in 2015.

Being a citizen of the star of the future, which is growing day by day, respecting the rights of its citizens protecting its citizens, that is, being a Turkish citizen is a privilege that will add value to you. Let’s explain with a few examples, when the corona virus first appeared in China, no one wanted to take their citizens from China, but Turkey evacuated its citizens with the planes they sent and brought them to Turkey. Let’s assume that you get sick outside of Turkey and lack the necessary health facilities.

Turkey’s Citizenship By Investment Program grants international investors a Turkish passport in four short months, with contributions starting from $250,000. Since 18 September 2018, Law No 5901 disposes that foreign citizens investing in Turkey will be granted the right to apply for Turkish citizenship. Following a successful application, the naturalised spouse may retain their Turkish citizenship if the marriage should subsequently be dissolved, so long as both partners had entered into the marriage in good faith.

Foreign persons can buy a house or property in Turkey without any restrictions. Turkish law is a part of EU-Civil law system, this means property will be freehold and it could be inherited by further generations without any restrictions. It is required to have a Residency Permit in Turkey to live permanently in Turkey, the conditions of which is subject to rules. As a rule, Turkish Citizenship by Investment Investors who are aged over 22 years old are all exempted of military in Turkey.

You can keep living abroad after obtaining Turkey citizenship. In the “Guide Passport Ranking Index”, the Turkish passport comes 53rd out of 112. The rankings are predominantly down to the number of countries with Visa-free access. With 111 countries granting Visa-free access to Turkish citizens, investors from many countries will benefit greatly from securing a Turkish passport. The Corporate Lawyer Turkey Program does not have a pre-approval system that many Caribbean citizenship programs have but also the program’s application requirements are easier and approval ratings are higher.

The move is estimated to help Turkey overcome its current account deficit and change the profile of foreign investors. Children from other marriages and also adopted children can also be the subject for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship. Yes, for example, if the applicant has a dependent family member, he/she can also apply for this member in order to get Turkish citizenship. In the purchase process, the qualification of the real estate does not matter. The qualification of the property can be housing, workplace, land, field, garden and so on. According to the citizenship law, a mother or father may lose Turkish citizenship for certain reasons.

Unlike many other programs, there is no requirement to learn Turkish. You would not be required to stay in Turkey for a minimum amount of days throughout the year. He is from Nova Scotia and has been involved in Istanbul real estate for many years now. His specialty is the secondary market in downtown Istanbul, as well as renovating old apartments. Personally, I believe there are pockets of fantastic value to be found in secondary market real estate in central Istanbul.

With numerous “Citizenship by investment” programs around, it can be more confounding to pick the correct option under reliable cost. So, it becomes important for you to pick the one where you don’t have to overspend. Select Turkey citizenship by investment and pay just what fulfills your needs. With the applicant doing investment, the applicant’s spouse and children are eligible for Turkish citizenship.

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