If you run into difficulties through the process, you might need legal immigration assistance to work through the issue. If your immigration situation is complicated in Turkey, or if you simply don’t have the time or confidence to prepare the immigration forms yourself, you might benefit from the help of an YT Law Office immigration Attorneys. Are experienced in the field with issues such as Turkish citizenship by Investment to help individuals buy property.

The value of the real estate shall be determined by a valuation company that has a Capital Market Board License. The report’s date shall be at most 3 months prior to the sale date. The minimum value shall be USD 400,000, if such real estate is purchased after September 19, 2018. Before applying forTurkish citizenship make sure that your country of origin accepts dual nationality. Extremely knowledgable, available, and reliable Mark was a god-send when dealing with USCIS.

Exploitation as a Reason for Canceling a Contract in Israel

Therefore you can keep your existing citizenships and use your existing passports as well without any renounce requirements. As of June 2022, Russians can still apply for Turkish citizenship program without any restrictions. In fact, Turkey currently stands as the only CIP jurisdiction for Russian nationals to apply. We can provide you further detailed Turkish tax advice, Turkish and international tax optimization, as well as wealth management services according to your specific case and requirements. Turkish citizenship can be acquired through birth from a Turkish citizen father or mother within the union of marriage, regardless of the birth place. Once you become a citizen of Turkey through the Turkish investment program, your future children will automatically acquire Turkey citizenship by birth.

I wanted to apply for Turkish citizenship last year and was looking to engage an attorney. I spoke to and met with quite a few of them and when I spoke to Mr. Akkas, I immediately knew I wanted to proceed with him. Being an outsider and having no knowledge of the country or the language, my first conversation with Mr. Akkas was enough to put all my doubts to rest. And it surely turned out to be the best decision I made in 2019.


Review the information provided by the developer turkish Immigration Law Firm (if the property is off-plan).

I felt 100 % safe in his hands and I consider myself lucky to have him as my lawyer and plan to use his office as long as I am in Kusadasi. “I was so pleased to have Madam Dilruba as my lawyer for some time and appreciate what she did for me.” For foreigners looking to immigrate to Turkey and settle down, we have prepared the “Foreigner Service Package“. Article 3 of the said Code defines the Data Controllers as real persons or legal entities who are responsible to set out the objectives of processing persona data, establishment and management of data registration system within the meaning of Law.

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