Our Turkish citizenship lawyers perform legal services for property purchases and apply for conformity certificates. One of the most expert subjects of Serka Law Firm is the legal process of Turkish Citizenship by investment lawyer and Turkish Citizenship by investment law. Serka Law Firm, which provides services to foreign citizens in many languages, supports its consultants with highly experienced lawyers in case processes. In recent years, Turkey has become an attractive country to invest for foreign citizens. The Republic of Turkey, on the other hand, offered the opportunity of Turkish citizenship to foreign citizens who wanted to make this investment to this attractive country. This opportunity has been one of the best advantages for individuals who want to become Turkish citizens and want to live by investing in Turkey.

As Serka Law Firm, Our lawyers deal with the cases of foreign clients in the most professional and competent way. Serka Law Firm provides the fastest consultancy to foreign citizens who have been wrongfully arrested and want to be deported. Cases and objections to cases are filed for foreign citizens who have law firm turkey problems in this regard. Providing services in many universal languages makes the communication with foreign citizens strong and comprehensible. As a prominent law office, our lawyers carry through the applications of foreign citizens who live in Turkey and want to have a residence and work permit in Turkey.

Turkish citizenship by buying a property

If you are interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship, we can arrange the various procedures and represent you throughout the process. The process of obtaining Turkish citizenship has recently changed, and now offers more convenient conditions for a candidate seeking to acquire citizenship for himself and his family. The team of lawyers and assistants are incredibly professional.

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Turkish Immigration legislation, with its complexity and frequently constant changes, is one of the most significant legal and financial barriers to the hiring of essential foreign workers in Turkey. Corporations demand a legal company with a 360-degree client-oriented emphasis, depth, and range of competence in Turkish immigration. There are compelling reasons to employ a Turkish immigration lawyer to represent yourself.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

There are a few of the services we have designed that fall under property purchase and Turkish Citizenship Application; a few are discussed below. Residence permit application form which is signed by the foreign investor and/or her/his legal representative in Turkey. A property with a charge or a mortgage may also be acquired to obtain citizenship. In this case, the price found after deducting the mortgage price/cost from the sale price shall be at least as much as the determined amount in the Regulation. The payments must be made through the bank to the seller’s account with a reference stating the details of the property purchased.

Turkish Citizenship Lawyer

Delivering high quality legal services, accountability, efficiency and professionalism are her main principles. Her main goal is to save her clients’ time and money as well as protecting their rights. Additionally, we have extensive experience with resident permits and immigration & citizenship services for foreign citizens. The professional staff and Mr Selcuk help us through the last few months to have the citizenship for me and my family through the investment opportunity. I would like to thank them for their best services, best advice. I wish this institution and Mr. Selcuk more progress and success.

In this article, you will learn about the steps needed to obtain a work residence permit in Turkey, its requirements, an… The lawyer’s job here is to verify the value and validity of the documents, in addition to submitting the application to the competent court and following up on the progress of the file until the court’s naturalization decision is issued. Naturalization files pass through 7 stages in all cases of Turkish citizenship, which include the stages of application, security study, document integrity and accuracy, archive, and other stages, but they differ in their speed from one case to another. We have put together a team of experts in at all stages of the process to help us serve our clients quickly and with superior value. The first thing we do is to register the property you have acquired under the municipality of the local government so that you can get local governmental service. Will have the ballistic capacity to support the client to any extent.

The residency permit would be renewable after 2 years as long as you would keep the legal ownership status of the property. The minimum investment amounts for applying to Turkish citizenship is $400,000 USD for property investment and $500,000 USD in Bank Deposit option. By investing such amounts in Turkey, you can become a citizen of Turkey shortly within 3 months only after completion of investment.

However, male children would be later liable with Turkish military service once after they would be over 18 years old. But with the recent changes made in Turkish law, it is possible to be exempted of military service in Turkey by paying a fee of around $6000 USD to the relevant Turkish Authorities. Turkey has now changed the official name to ‘‘Türkiye’’ as it is in Turkish. United Nations and other international bodies recognized this change recently.

Kubra is a partner in her law firm which has offices in Istanbul and Izmit. Kubra and her firm focuses primarily in the areas of Corporate Law, Inheritance and Family Law. Her firm also regularly advises on Litigation , She also represents multinational corporate clients on regulatory compliance matters, particularly in the areas of corporate, trade and customs and real estate property matters. She is a registered arbitrator and a sworn translator and interpreter. Our immigration attorneys in Istanbul, Turkey, can assist individuals considering migrating to Turkey with various legal services and assistance and counsel. It is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of Turkey’s immigration laws and regulations to align with the criteria and avoid immigration denials properly.

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