Divorce decrees issued in jurisdictions outside of Turkey are not considered valid for purposes of divorce in Turkey. Selim Law Firm provides specialized divorce services for couples in many different situations. We serve clients in a broad range of family law matters, including dissolution of marriage, divorce, child custody, complex financial and property issues, prenuptial and cohabitation agreements, post-decree modifications, and paternity. If you are getting divorced in New York, but your children are living in Turkey, or if your partner still lives in Turkey, deciding child custody matters might be one of the most difficult decisions you’ll need to make in your divorce. If you and your partner live in New York and your children live in New York, it is important to note that if your children are removed from the U.S. during your divorce, this could be considered international childhood abduction. Divorce and child custody can get very complicated when partners live in different countries.

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Advocacy is the act of the solicitor putting their client’s case to the court. We’re sorry to say that your enquiry has NOT yet been submitted. This could be due to our spam filter blocking your enquiry or your internet connection was lost istanbul lawyer for a moment. Please try clicking the Send button again, or send your enquiry to and we’ll make sure it goes to the law firms you chose. If payments are ordered they will generally remain until the person receiving the money remarries.

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Adultery is defined as voluntary sexual intercourse between one of the spouses and a third party. If a married woman has had sexual intercourse with a man not her husband, or a married man has had sexual intercourse with a woman not his wife, the court will consider that adultery has been committed. Sexual intercourse between two people of the same gender will not be considered adultery. If you live outside of Turkey, and are looking for a family lawyer & divorce attorney to assist you with divorce, child custody or child visitation, and child support issues, give us a call.

All of these legal grounds are subject to the time-bar and forgiveness rules stipulated in Section 161. If the right in question is misused, the judge might dissolve the marriage if it is not worth to be saved for the respondent and the children. If the marriage has lasted at least one year and both partners apply in agreement for a divorce or one of them agrees the other partner’s application for a divorce, it will be considered that the marriage irretrievably broke down. In this case the judge will hear the partners in person before adjudging to dissolve the marriage.

Is it possible according to Turkish Family Law to increase, reduce or remove the affiliate allowance?

One of the issues that can arise with a Turkish divorce is residency. In order to file for divorce in New York, one partner at least must meet New York’s residency requirements. In order to meet New York’s residency requirements at least one partner must have been living in New York state for at least two years before the divorce. If you got married in New York, if the grounds for divorce happened in New York, or if you and your partner have been living in New York for at least one year as a couple, you may also qualify for New York residency for divorce. If both parties are residents of New York and the grounds for divorce happened in New York, you may also meet residency requirements. If one partner lives in New York and the other is living in Turkey, the New York partner may be able to file for divorce in Brooklyn, New York if he or she meets New York state residency requirements.

The court can also decide on claims for support and maintenance. Typically, the person with money will support the one without. The amount of support will depend on your personal circumstances. You can file a petition for a division of assets until one year after the effective divorce date. Your assets can be divided in kind – for example, they would be split by value so one of you may retain the property and the other would receive investments/cash to an equivalent amount.

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