Including Intellectual Property Rights, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Real Property Law, Inheritance Law. Real estate cases, lawsuits related to property law and real estate scams and frauds. Please ask your questions here and get answers from experienced Turkish Citizenship lawyers of LawyerTurks & Co.

Through our experience, knowledge and experience we provide a complete bespoke package for each client’s needs. We have a bespoke approach to each application meaning that each application is treated in a unique and tailored manner. We assist our clients through ever step of the application and work closely with them even once the visa is granted.

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If you encounter problems throughout the Turkish immigration procedure, you may need legal immigration counsel to resolve your problems. One can also apply for a residence permit, at the same time Turkish Lawyer with the work visa. Organizing a citizenship file, which is the last step of the application, will be taken care of by our attorneys when the applicant provides all the requested documents.

We receive many inquiries every day regarding how to live and work in Turkey. We work diligently to ensure that our clients maintain a solid understanding of the immigration laws that directly impact their organizations. We help our clients customize their immigration processes into meaningful methods for attracting global talent.

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In particular, Turkey is an E-2 treaty country and Turkish citizens can obtain a US investor visa for an initial period of 5 years. In addition, Turkish citizens can apply directly for a US green card if the investments are bigger than $900,000 for rural areas and $1,800,000 for all others. Other business visas such as EB-1, O-1, and L-1 are also available. We offer the first and only turnkey, concierge service for individuals seeking Turkish citizenship to fast-track their U.S. immigration. We have put together a team of experts in at all stages of the process to help us serve our clients quickly and with superior value.

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Getting health insurance on behalf of the client and family members. We are never limited with our service; hence, we have taken our service to a new paradigm; we cater to the largest patroons that range from business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs from all over Turkey. Our office is one of the best examples of modern and innovative legal style with the harmonious combination of classical and traditional law understanding. In this blog, Fragomen’s Johannes Tiba discusses South Africa’s potential adoption of a visa-on-arrival policy and its likely benefits to the country’s intra-regional trade, mobility and tourism.

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