Legalixa Law Firmis a full service Turkish Immigration Law Firmwith a long record of excellence and professional leadership in Istanbul, Turkey. OurTurkish immigration lawyersare prepared to handle work and resident permit applications. Our Turkish Citizenship Lawyers also represent our clients in other Turkish immigration law issues including; extending resident and work permits, application for Turkish citizenship, filing a law suit to cancel any objections.

turkish Immigration Lawyer

They can guide a non-residential through a legal way to be a citizen of Turkey. We are never limited with our service; hence, we have taken our service to a new paradigm; we cater to the largest patroons that range from business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs from all over Turkey. Once you complete the search form below, we submit your legal issue to licensed, pre-screened Turkish attorneys matching your search criteria.

Our Real Estate Purchase Services Include;

The shareholders of the assignee company hold their partnership place within the transferee firm inside sure alteration ratios. Turkish regulation provides no specific rule on the purchase of different classes of target securities. For instance, the merger must be registered with the related trade registry in accordance with the TCC and such joint legal responsibility initiates as of the registration date. We will next arrange a real estate agent to help you to put your property on lease. Once you are done acquiring the property, we will help you manage it with our property management services. Getting health insurance on behalf of the client and family members.

Our immigration lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey can provide a wide range of legal services, plus support to foreigners interested in relocating to this country. Having a clear picture of the rules and regulations of immigration in Turkey is essential because one can properly align with the requirements and skip any possible visa rejections. You are invited to talk to our specialists and find out more about how to obtain a Turkish visa or a work permit. Acquisition agreements that benefit from the exceptions beneath the Corporate Tax Law aren’t subject to stamp tax.

Dependent Visa

You are welcome to speak with one of our Turkish immigration experts to learn more about acquiring a Turkish visa, residence permit or work permit. There are compelling reasons to employ a Turkish immigration lawyer to represent yourself. If you encounter problems throughout the Turkish immigration procedure, you may need legal immigration counsel to resolve your problems. Turkey has slashed the financial and investment criteria for foreigners to become Turkish citizens.

General law, specialized on money claims and enforcement law, business and rental contracts, citizenship procedures, criminal law, traffic disputes, marriage and divorce, property and inheritance law, trade and maritime law. A law firm practicing in International commercial law, criminal law, execution and bankruptcy law, real estate and administrative law and wide range of legal areas with experience. You can contact our immigration lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey, and see how they can help you from a legal point of view. Our English-speaking attorney real estate lawyers will prepare your purchase and sale agreement to buy or sell an off-plan or second-hand house or apartment in Turkey.

A copy of the employment contract can be offered by the company you will work for. A valid passport and a work permit application are required and are among the main documents. If you are hesitant to claim affirmative asylum or assert defensive asylum in court, keep in mind that this status has certain benefits.

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